• Favourite local comedian

    Favourite local comedian

    1. Sarah London
    2. Alex Ateah
    3. Riva Billows

  • Favourite local chef

    Favourite local chef

    1. Renée Girard (Made by Paste)
    2. Christa Bruneau-Guenther (Feast Cafe Bistro)
    3. Stefan Lytwyn (Kosmo’s Space Cowboy Food Cantina)

  • Favourite local baker

    Favourite local baker

    1. Cora Wiens, Eadha Bread
    2. The team at Tall Grass Bakery
    3. A massive tie

  • Favourite local athlete

    Favorite local athlete 

    1. Justine Kolody
    2. Desiree Scott
    3. A massive tie

  • Favourite local album / Favourite local performance

    Favourite local album

    1. Amos the Kid - Mountain View
    2. Jamboree - A Beautiful Place
    3. Boniface - Boniface

    Favourite local performance

    1. Amos the Kid - Rooftop Retreat Pop-Up show @ WAG
    2. Virgo Rising & Begonia @ WECC / Jamboree EP release @ Good Will (tied)
    3. Merin, Jamboree & Julien’s Daughter @ Forth

  • Favourite local achiever under 30 / Favourite new independent business

    Favourite local achiever under 30

    1. Jordan Cayer
    2. Adam Fuhr
    3. A massive tie

    Favourite new independent business

    1. Never Better Coffee
    2. House of Wonders Recording
    3. Kilter Brewing Co.

  • Favourite local achiever over 60

    Favourite local achiever over 60

    1. Fred Shore
    2. Fred Penner
    3. Jeanne Randolph

  • Favourite local activist / Favourite local grassroots community group / Favourite political moment

    Favourite local activist

    1. Justice 4 Black Lives Winnipeg
    2. Mahlet Cuff
    3. Lena Andres

    Favourite local grassroots community group

    1.  Justice 4 Black Lives Winnipeg
    2. Bear Clan Patrol
    3. Winnipeg Police Cause Harm

    Favourite political moment

    1. Justice 4 Black Lives rally
    2. Tombstones outside Pallister’s house
    3. Donald Trump loses US election

  • 2020, meet the Uniter 30

    Every year around this time, The Uniter releases the results of our annual readers’ poll, the Uniter 30. Every year, we ask our readers to vote for their favourite people, places and things of that year.

  • City of food (in)security

    Amid COVID-19, more Winnipeggers struggle to afford their next meal

  • Working together

    Co-operative businesses show resilience through shared values

  • Our teachers are not okay

    Manitoba educators face hardships while teaching during the pandemic

  • Softening their strides

    Dancers and educators re-envision equitable connection

  • We can get through this together

    Though thousands gathered in Winnipeg this summer and stood for Justice 4 Black Lives and Indigenous Lives Matter rallies, the very act of protesting coupled with the instances of racism and prejudice that continue to plague this city can make this feel all for nought and can have a negative effect on people's mental health. 

  • Thirty-something

    It’s that time of year: voting for the Uniter 30 is open again!

  • Happy trails

    Staff photographer Keeley Braunstein-Black explores local hiking options in this week’s cover feature.

  • When pandemics collide

    While news of the COVID-19 pandemic has flooded our feeds, and rightly so, an opioid crisis of devastating proportions has been quietly ravaging communities in Winnipeg and across the province.

  • Round Up: 2SLGBTQIA+ Winnipeg

    Openly queer businesses and explicitly queer-friendly spaces have come a long way. Among the many queer-led initiatives and businesses, here are a few newer or less-heard-of ones to celebrate.

  • Recarving a rubber stamp

    “We really need to start thinking about what is really going to make our communities safer, going to help make Winnipeg a better place, because clearly what we’re very invested in is not working.”

  • Publishing in the pandemic

    The closure of bookstores earlier this year cancelled many book launches and changed how readers bought and how publishers marketed books.

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