• Bridging the suburban/inner-city gap

    Dynamics of the Inner City course now offered at Maples Met School

  • The show must go on(line)

    The Village Conservatory class creates ‘unique’ and diverse digital theatre

  • Protest, Activism, Whimsy and Self-Care

    University of Manitoba’s School of Art presents exhibit within Animal Crossing

  • Bringing the polls to the people

    New polling software doubles as market-research tool and social app

  • Literary landscapes

    Winnipeg as shaped by writing and writers

  • Horoscopes

    It's almost Aries season!

  • I.T.U.T.

    A comic by Charlie Morin 

  • Dreaming of a better world

    Reading in Colour

  • Diversity Foods and COVID-19

    The life of a social enterprise during a pandemic

  • One green city

    To prioritize a city’s well-being, invest in green spaces

  • Celebrate local

    Sara Riel Inc. fundraiser brings folks together with music, comedy and food

  • 6’2” if that matters

    Comedian tackles local dating-app tropes in Twitter series

  • A ‘maelstrom of urgency and creativity’

    Winnipeg’s 48-hour film challenge goes national

  • Crime time

    Origin Stories: C.C. Benison

  • Arts briefs

    Manitoba Opera: The Barber of Seville as styled by Al Simmons // As Immense as the Sky by Meryl McMaster // Virtual burlesque and pole-dance performances by Shane Sable and Lynx Chase // Futures Barren/Futures Abundant by April Dean // I’m Not Your Kinda Princess by Lori Blondeau at Plug In // “The Way It Would Be” new single by Field Guide

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Big Freedia

    Age of Aquarius 

  • A hard look in the mirror

    Right-wing ‘cancel culture’ obsession can barely conceal its own racism

  • All for one

    Life on the Borderline

  • The Village Project seeks to end, not manage, homelessness

    Housing project aims to promote healing through community and cultural supports

  • City briefs

    Transit Master Plan released // Upcoming Weweni event // Take a virtual visit to Honeyland // Upcoming events in the English department // Reprioritizing school budgets // City announces temporary memorial to COVID-19 victims

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