• Queer theory and a love of reading

    PROFile: Heather Milne, associate professor, Department of English, U of W

  • Digital education during a pandemic

    U of W groups present innovative solutions

  • Winnipeg-based ClimateWest launched last month

    Non-profit focuses on Prairie provinces

  • Campus Briefs

    Webinar Wednesdays // Grades // Reading Week // Fall/winter term courses // Bursaries // Student Aid // myVisit app

  • City briefs

    The queens return // Collegiate pod now online // Virtually welcoming potential students // Pathway to Graduate Studies deadline // UWSA election bylaw restructuring // Reading from Zalika Reid-Benta

  • Agents for change

    PROFile: Jeannie Kerr, associate professor and chair of Human Ethics Committee, Faculty of Education, U of W

  • ‘Riding through the Ancient World’

    U of W classics department hosts online lectures

  • Alternate grading options for U of W students

    UWSA president applauds important move

  • Campus briefs

    Study Skills Workshops // Grades // Applications for graduation // Bursaries // Transit subsidy // Webinar Wednesdays // Reading week // Fall/Winter term courses // Student Aid // myVisit app

  • City briefs

    June graduation deadline // The interim president's gambit // Aging policy maturation // Hone your study skills // Virtual reading with Dr. Afua Cooper // Religion, migration and landscape in Latin America

  • How to get away with screenwriting

    PROFile: Noam Gonick, instructor, theatre and film  department, U of W

  • On agency in death and life

    The tricky conversations around Bill C-7

  • U of W Fitness Centre offers online courses

    Helping students stay active during the pandemic

  • Two U of W students start non-profit

    A.S.E. provides free tutoring and mentorship to students

  • Campus Briefs

    Study Skills Workshops // Tuition fees // SINs and tax receipts // Grades // Applications for graduation // Bursaries // Student Aid // Transit subsidy // Webinar Wednesdays // Fall/Winter term courses // MyVisit app

  • What would Julie do?

    PROFile: Donna Fletcher, instructor, theatre and film department, U of W

  • New year, new task force

    Mental-health supports students can expect to see in 2021

  • Campus briefs

    Add/drop peroid // Study Skills Workshops // Career Fair // Waitlists // UWSA's Health Plan and U-Pass // Tuition fees // Tax information // Grades // Bursaries // Transit subsidy // Webinar Wednesdays // Fall/winter term // Student Aid // MyVisit app 

  • City briefs

    Career fair going digital // Reckoning with memorials // Study Skills Workshops start // On policing and community relations // Exploring Indigenous TB knowledge // Conserving the Seal River

  • CBC Manitoba releases Future 40 list

    U of W students and alumni among those recognized

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