• Favourite Local Podast / Favourite Local Social Media Account or Presence

    1.    Drag in the Peg
    2.    Winnipeg Music Project
    3.    Witchpolice Radio

    Favourite Local Social Media Account or Presence

    1. Drag in the Peg
    2. @coatcheck_
    3. @winnipegposers / Facepalm (tie)

  • Favourite Local Photographer / Favourite Local Writer

    1.    Callie Lugosi
    2.    Jess Mann
    3.    Jen Doerksen

    Favourite Local Writer

    1.    Frances Koncan 
    2.    Callie Lugosi
    3.    Jen Zoratti

  • Favourite Local DJ

    1.    Mama Cutsworth
    2.    DJ J Jackson
    3.    DJ Co-op

  • Arts briefs

    Jordan Stranger artist talk // Miss Club 200 Pageant // Chastity Belt with Living Hour // Cherry Cherry at Into The Music // Shasha McArthur at Plug In ICA // Gedi Sibony: Dialogues in Art

  • Halfway to Somewhere

    Like many other introverts and book lovers, I have fond memories of public libraries from a young age. 

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Gimme Some Truth // Queer Bingo: Out of this World! // Writers reading // Nonhuman Futures: Suzanne Kite lecture // David Berman tribute // Karen Kraven artist talk

  • Feeding Diaspora

    What do you think of when you think of tables? Does the physicality of being seated at a table invoke memories of shared meals? Leisure? Meetings? Work? Your imagined self at a table is always characterized by context: where you are, who you are with and why.

  • Arts briefs

    Real Love Halloween // Mystery Slunt Theatre 3000 // Gimme Some Truth: Freedom Road Full Gestures // Jordan Stranger at aceartinc // Apps and more!

  • An (incomplete) queer history: Winnipeg drag

    While RuPaul’s Drag Race sits at the forefront of drag representation in popular culture, there’s much more to the art form than simply female impersonation. Behind every drag performer, there are local histories spanning many decades.

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