VP Learning Laboratories: Making Environmental Data Meaningful

Highlighting works that affect environmental data using tools and techniques to transcribe this data into expressive artworks using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and MaxMSP.

Instructor: Michael Lucenkiw

Environmental Data is often an abstract concept, detached from the complexities of the space or situation it describes. Using citizen science, coding and making, Michael creates narratives for environment data that produce an emotional and relatable dimension. Working with a variety of coding languages, data is brought to life through performance and interactive sculptures. Michael will give an overview of his practice, focusing on works that involve environmental data and will highlight some tools and techniques he uses to transcribe this data into expressive artworks using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and MaxMSP. A demonstration of one such work, the Pollution Piano, will use water samples collected from rivers in Winnipeg to create an acoustic representation of local water quality.

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About the instructor:

Michael is an interdisciplinary artist/researcher primarily investigating ways in which DIY technology can be used to create stronger relationships with our environment. He works with a variety of mediums including software coding, hardware design, lighting design, experimental sound, performance, interactive installations, data collection, experimental geography, sculpture and drawing. Through these means, he advocates for action towards connecting people with less empowered stakeholders in the environment, such as plants and water. This work challenges western-normative scientific investigation methods and is a call to action that brings visibility to under-represented entities, living and nonliving.  Using citizen science, tinkering, hacking and critical making as a guiding methodology, he creates various machines and installations designed to generate conversations and encourage participation in the process of working with data, environmental monitoring and sensing.


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