Would you like to teach a workshop at Video Pool Media Arts Centre?

Would you like to teach a workshop at Video Pool Media Arts Centre?
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Video Pool Media Arts Centre offers a range of workshops throughout the year in a variety of different mediums and skill levels, from introductory to advanced levels.  We would like to develop and expand our available workshops through an open call to the community of artists and technology-based practitioners who are interested in teaching a workshop in media arts.  Therefore, we want to spread the word amongst our creative community and are excited to get people involved in the process.  Some examples of past workshops include: grant writing, camera, video editing, animation, virtual reality, electronic sensors, motors, motion capture, arduino, sound field recording and post production sound. For a more detailed list please reference the link below but remember we are always open to new ideas within media arts.


Anyone in the community is welcome to apply.  We will be accepting applications until September 13th, 2019for workshops starting in October.

For more information please contact Heidi Phillips – Education Manager at:

Email: vped@videopool.org

Ph: 204.949.9134 ext 108