“On the Horizon”: Mixed Media Art Show by Sandra Dalton

About the Show:

“On the Horizon” is a mixed media collection. I was inspired to use different mediums, techniques, and ideas together to form this show. I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another. I start with an idea and sometimes those ideas stay in my head and other times they develop into in-depth ideas and comprehensive pieces of art. Architecturally detailed buildings, become my focus using pen. Abstract landscape using alcohol ink. Texture, depth and stories are part of my acrylic paintings. When painting I find I tend towards colours. When I’m drawing (in particular, architecture) I prefer black and white. I like to let the brick and mortar speak for itself. The colours that flow using alcohol ink are truly amazing. I enjoy up-cycling materials in my art, using glass, birch bark, tiles, newspaper… I’ve extracted my ideas from my surroundings; Winnipeg, Manitoba, architecture, landscape, animals.

About the Artist:

Born in Ottawa into a military family, lived in St. Thomas, Ontario, England, Trenton, Ontario, Borden, Ontario and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Father is a retired General with the Canadian Armed Forces so life was experienced through very interesting eyes!

My artwork started out of necessity. Not out of a necessity for profit but out of a necessity for relief. My life has had many ups and downs and in 2012 it took a huge down. I suffered a severe back injury and my life became a turmoil of chronic pain. With chronic pain it is extremely difficult to concentrate. I was unable to read, I’ve never been a huge TV watcher. I needed something to take my mind off of the pain. I picked up a pencil and started drawing. Simple pencil drawings of flowers, animals, doodles were my first attempts. I then decided to try some more structured pen drawings of architecture; old, new, abandoned, historic. I could pick up a pen and sit up in bed for a few minutes at a time and escape from the pain. Through lots of medical intervention I have become more mobile but still very limited in certain things. My art is my escape! I am self-taught in all mediums that I have ventured to try. This is not a sad story nor a story of sympathy. It is a true narrative of how art has been my escape, my breaking free and my distraction.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 5PM