Talia Keyton: In Honour of Trees: Nature’s Paintbox

About the show:

My Lifelong admiration and affection for Trees is what inspired this particular body of work. These marvels of nature have been intimate partners in our own cultural and physical evolution for centuries. For much of our shared past, they have provided us with shelter, medicine, food, and fuel in great abundance. Forests are our planet’s lungs, climate regulators and the greatest reserves of biodiversity. And I myself have sought comfort and entertainment, in trees for as long as I can remember. They are special to me in a way I cannot describe but perhaps with a bit of self-discipline and luck, I can capture it instead with paint.

This series of work is both a celebration of these still standing giants and an examination of the extraordinary relationship between human beings and trees. We are the children of forests and whilst trees may not necessarily be wise, we as humans would be wise to learn from them; if they are not our teachers, we are at least their pupils.

About the artist:

Originally from the U.K. I moved to Canada in 2007, with my family in pursuit of a better life. Winding up in Winnipeg by accident, I fell in love with this city’s unique charm and the incredible people here. We put down roots and haven’t looked back since. As a recent graduate of the Environmental Design Program at the U of M, I am now embracing my true passion for the arts, and building my career as an Artist.  

About My Work:

I have been drawing ever since the day I was large enough to wield a pencil, and painting not long after. While I like to experiment, my two favorite mediums to work with are spray paint and acrylic. I especially enjoy spray paint, mainly because of the speed it exits the can. Coupled with its incredibly short dry-time, this forces me to work quickly which allows my logical/rational mind to take a backseat while my gut instincts drive the process. The first two layers of all my work usually involves spray paint, on top of which I build my layers of acrylic. As Humans, our intimate and intricate relationship with the natural world has always fascinated me. Expression of life in general, and all the different ways that life can manifest; in endless possibilities of colours, sounds and shapes will never cease to inspire me.