Some Enchanted Evening

  • Date: Saturday, November 10, 2018
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Venue: Grant & Wilton Coffee House, 1077 Grant Avenue
  • Admission: $17 @ Door, Advance = $15 tel: 204/488-0207 24/895-1719

Some Enchanted Evening

Al Simmons Stories and Songs

"If you’ve ever attended one of Al’s concerts or listened to the clever lyrics of his songs you know that he is blessed with the unique talent of being able to entertain adults and children simultaneously.  For this concert he has selected songs aimed at the adult funny-bone. He will tell the crazy stories behind the songs and behind the scenes of his storied 50 year career. As usual the concert will be good clean fun but, this time, not recommended for young children. 

"Al Simmons is the epitome of an entertainer. He's a musician! He’s an inventor! He's a nut!  He’s been called the Thomas Edison of entertainers, a one man cast of thousands, a wizard of one-liners and a lightning bolt of lunacy. His astounding gadgets, preposterous songs, impeccable comic timing and kooky take on classic vaudeville have thrilled and entertained audiences all around the world.

"Al has won a Juno Award, he’s a Member of the Order of Manitoba, a Paul Harris Fellow, and an Honourary Air Marshall. He was a gold medal winner at the 2005 World Championship Zuccini Race, and a restaurant in his hometown named a hotdog after him." 

Note: I've been after Al for years to do the Coffee House. I can hardly wait!

Janet Pelletier Goetze plus Evan Goetze
Janet: Multi-instrumental musician, leads Temple Shalom's Choir singing Alto, Soprano, Tenor, or most of the Bass register as needed, anchors the Friday Night Live band, has taught band. 

Note: What she can't do in music probably isn't worth doing!

After her last guest spot, I was attacked asking," Why not have Janet for a featured act?"  Janet said, "Phil's been after me for years."

Evan inherited his mother's gift and is growing into a young performer - Here's a future great!

Afterward,  there will be an opportunity for other musicians to come on stage and do their music.  
Bring your instrument.  All are welcome.  

Doors open at 7:00 pm, the concert starts at 7:30pm, music hasn't stopped before 11:30pm yet.

$17 at the door, $15 Advance

Coffee/Tea and a treat included.

Hope to see you all at this concert.  Come!


Fun, set to music

1077 Grant Avenue
Doors open at 7:00 pm



Phil Spevack, Partner 
(204) 488-0207

David Au, Partner,
(204) 895-1719