Exhibition: Send + Receive: An Alternate History of Canadian Electronic Music (1956–1981)

An Alternate History of Canadian Electronic Music (1956-1981) presents works unearthed and curated by composer, recorder and performer Keith Fullerton Whitman.

During the course of this three-hour program, the listener will be drawn into the deepest recesses of early electronic music in Canada, focusing on obscure and transgressive pieces found outside of the usual academic lanes, all from the nascent days where psychedelia, sound poetry, experimental film and emerging audio and video technologies were all being explored with equal aplomb. The work of composers and musicians such as Wayne Carr, Robert Bauer, Lloyd Burritt, and Marcelle Deschênes will be explored, along with seldom heard pieces by storied figures such as Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux, Rudolf Komorous, Ann Southam, Alain Clavier, Michel Longtin, and Norman McLaren.