Karrnnel - Double Album Release Concert

What does a copper fiddle sound like? Nine years in the making, Karrnnel is about to release a double album featuring his unique sound on the copper fiddle. Crazy Old Man and SKMB offer a total of 18 tracks that he's been creatively crafting since his 2009 self-titled release. 

Crazy Old Man is an exploration of bold new fiddle sounds and songs, pushing Karrnnel's soulful and accomplished traditional style to a whole new place. SKMB features 9 original cross-genre songs and a band of extraordinary Canadian musicians featuring Joey Landreth, Amy Matysio and Ken Hamm on vocals. 

This is Karrnnel like you've never heard him play before. Crazy Old Man and SKMB are a very personal reflection of Karrnnel’s life and experiences to date - passionate, raw, intimate and wild, this a musical journey not to be missed.

This tour will feature Karrnnel, Murray Pulver, Daniel Roy, Don Benedictson, Amy Matysio, Ben Knorr and special guests along the way!

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