Prairie Spirit: New Paintings by Ruth Kamenev

About the show:

The rolling seasons of the prairies are my inspiration for this latest series of acrylic paintings. Pale blue flax flowers masquerading as a cool, calm northern ocean; the deep golden ochre heads of wheat bending, rolling in the wind; neon yellow canola against a storm dark sky – the colours, murmurs and clean aromas of nature are the background of my year. They inhabit and inform my art. Each season has its own blend of sensations - a glowing aspen forest in the brief frenzy of colour in September with crisp, fragrant leaves underfoot; the silent white snow and cobalt sky of winter; bird song and apple green of new spring leaves. My spirit is of the prairies.


About the artist:

Ruth is a member of Local Colour Art Group and the Manitoba Society of Artists. She is an instructor of watercolour at the Forum Art Centre on Eugenie and Tache and has been the watermedia instructor at Arts West Art Retreat in Riding Mountain National Park for the last three years. She invites you to view her work at Wayne Arthur Gallery on Provencher Blvd., at

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 5 PM

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