Civvie, Sound of the Mountain

Join us in the intimate Poolside Gallery for an evening of improvised and experimental music.

Doors 8PM, $10
(bring cash for merch and bar)
Music 8:30PM
100 Arthur Street
2nd floor in the Artspace Building (wheelchair accessible).

Sound of the Mountain (Montreal):
Amplified clarinet and trumpet from Montréal.
Filling rooms with the sounds of breath, wind, wood and metal, creating an intimate, overwhelming noise.
From recording on Godspeed You! Black Emperor's latest to touring the globe relentlessly, this group is pushing the boundaries of sound. Don't miss their Winnipeg debut!

Civvie (Winnipeg):
Civvie is an experimental trio improvising on amplified bassoon , cello, and weaving loom. They create arresting soundscapes using extended techniques and digital effects, stretching the sonic possibilities of their instruments.