• Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Venue: Plug In ICA, Buhler Centre, 460 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
  • Admission: Free, RSVP required
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Every conversation is an experiment — and some conversations are more experimental than others. Some conversations are like performances, or games, or music, or a collaborative soundscape.
~ Ray Fenwick


Simple, fun, and often ridiculous! Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art is excited to host a Respondent Series workshop: EXPERIMENTAL CONVERSATION AND SEMI-ACCIDENTAL PERFORMANCE by artist Ray Fenwick.

Programmed in conjunction with Skeena Reece’s exhibition, Sweetgrass and Honey,over the course of one and a half hours participants will engage in collective linguistic experimentation, contorting sound and elemental aspects of conversation, which begin to shift in form and experience between ‘just talking’, ‘performing’, or ‘making art’.

As easy as saying your name! Almost by accident you’ll dip a toe into the world of performance by way of simple games shamelessly stolen from theatre, improvisation, and so-called “icebreaker” activities.

Other “goals” of the workshop:

- Not just break the ice but, through a form of alchemy, turn the ice into a very pleasing slime

- Find new and strange ways to speak to each other, with each other, or out loud

- Make each other laugh

- Make yourself feel weird

- Fail miserably and awkwardly a few times

- Have a few drinks maybe, if that’s your thing


Spaces are limited. RSVP REQUIRED - email Sarah Nesbitt @ sarah@plugin.org with “RSVP” in the title line.