Amber Epp in Blue: Celebrating Joni Mitchell

Applying her unique Jazz perspective and years of experience, local Jazz virtuoso Amber Epp will be performing the entirety of Joni Mitchell’s seminal album “Blue” front-to-back as two sets, one per side. Performing as a quartet with Keith Price on guitar, Julian Bradford on bass, and Daniel Roa on drums, Epp will demonstrate not just the power of Joni Mitchell’s classic album, but its ability to transmute across genres and styles of Jazz.

Mapping the shortest distance between a Mennonite choir and an open-air jazz patio in Havana, Amber Epp’s career has been filled with adventure, discovery and joy. A winner of a Western Canadian Music Award and a connoisseur of musical genres, Amber will take and transport you to wherever she's going. No matter the language, no matter the country, from Cuba to the prairie birthplace of Joni Mitchell, Amber leaves you with a heart pumping out the rhythms of the world.