Working Together: Production Office and Assistant Directing

About the Workshop
This 2-day workshop will look at issues that occur where the job of the Production Office team typically ends and where the On-Set / Assistant Directing team begins.  
Topics will include

Learning effective and useful communication strategies and problem-solving techniques between production office and on-set personnel
Understanding the necessary cooperation needed to efficiently accomplish the duties of each department on any given day
Describing the shared information between the production office and on-set personnel when working together to create essential documents such as the DPR, call sheet, etc.
Explaining the proper and timely distribution process of daily production documents between the production office and on-set personnel
Demonstrating the various ways to keep the production team happy

Who should take this course
This course is recommended for those with some experience and newcomers alike

Please call FTM at (204) 989-9669 to register