Coddiwomples: New Pen and Ink Drawings by Helma Rogge Rehders

The artist looks back on 2 decades interpreting marsh and lake landscape for the record, populated with thousands of large and small water birds, and harriers, beaver, deer. And biped’s impact on land & water…


In transition for some time, the artist abandons in 2014 formal technique, traditional canons in painting.

Painted directly on canvas, transparent cotton polyester, the ‘banners’ hang limp or move with a slight breeze. Immediacy has become softened, is blurred.


For Helma’s acrylic icons e.g. pelicans, red winged blackbirds, snapping turtles and more, the  supporting grounds range from driftwood, water seasoned planks from shipwrecks & cottages, washed up on secluded beaches -


Frantically doodling, 2016 Helma’s Coddiwomples emerge, small scale pen & ink drawings, in the vernacular ‘doodles’.


Old English verb - to coddiwomple is to travel purposeful toward a vague destination