Volume 70, Number 6

Published October 15, 2015

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  • Ballots and Beyond

    In case you missed it, we’re now at the peak of election season.

  • ‘Civil’ servants

    The Winnipeg Centre riding has more pressing issues than the candidates’ war of words

  • Whose house? Melanie’s house

    Melanie Dahling embodies the proverbial wearer of many hats. The Winnipeg comedian, writer, actress, playwright and radio host recently added makeup artist to her ever-growing array of figurative chapeaus.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Malfunktion // Little Thing Big Thing // Fubuki Daiko // Loss of Contact // Raine Hamilton

  • Not wasting

    Alannah Zeebeck releases their newest album

  • Getting Cinemental

    Winnipeg French film festival is back

  • Queerer than Netflix

    MediaQueer’s online database curates and preserves film

  • Our culture

    Travel company learns what U of W is all about

  • Drake & Future



    Into The Sinner Circle

  • It All Starts with a Line

    Jordan Miller

    October 2 to 27 at Cre8ery

  • Voting arts

    Casting a ballot for arts and culture

  • Streeter

    Oct 15, 2015 … Streeter. "If you had to live with one federal candidate for a week, who would it be?"

  • Middle of nowhere

    A hill by any other name

  • Where in the world?

    Environmental issues largely absent from federal campaign

  • When the personal gets political

    Women's issues forum draws large crowd to U of W

  • News Briefs

    Autumn convocation touts talent // Celebrating citizen journalism // October is seniors’ month // Help Syrian refugees // Hear ye, hear ye! Trimbee talks // A changing of the guard?

  • Not-so-peaceful protest

    Security shuts down students’ anti-military protest

  • The PROFile

    The PROFile - Wab Kinew

  • Niqabs and nationalism

    Islamophobia an election issue threatening Canadian identity

  • Democracy is dangerous

    Voting a critical tool for social change

  • Heave Steve

    Vote-deciding issues have come before the country’s future

  • Treaty talk

    When it comes to aboriginal issues, federal parties must do more than make promises

  • Fashion Streeter

    Alora “I dress to please myself, not others.”

  • Ocosomoso No. 4

    Ocosomoso was beamed down to Earth to investigate the planet and its current conditions. This comic strip chronicles that investigation as Ocosomoso explores his surroundings and relays off-base observations back to the mothership.