September 23 2010

In the Sept. 9 issue of The Uniter, the article"Revving up your feminism” (page 3) contained some wrong information.
-The first RebELLEs gathering was in 2008 in Montreal.
-There will not be an official march in Manitoba for the World March of Women (WMW). The International Women’s Day march this past March 8 was part of the global WMW kick-off, but the official WMW march is taking place in Quebec on Oct. 17.
-Because the 2011 RebELLEs will be women-only, the same goes for those involved in organizing the gathering. It will be open to those who identify and live as women and those who were born female and claim no particular gender identification, or who identify as two-spirit or genderqueer.

In the Sept. 9 issue of The Uniter, the comments article “Practically speaking” (page 8) incorrectly implied that the Classics department at the University of Winnipeg has seen falling enrolment.

The Uniter regrets these errors.