• March 8 2019

    In the March 7, 2019 Arts Briefs, we stated that Lara Rae's Dragonfly would be performed at Theatre Projects Manitoba. The show will be performed at the Rachel Browne Theatre. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • January 12 2019

    In the article "Convenient contractual care," we stated that the Legal Help Centre's drop-in is run out of the Millennium Library. It is run out of the Legal Help Centre's office in Portage Place. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • December 20 2018

    In the article "Favourite Local Activist", Annie Beach's performance was listed as being that week. The date of the performance piece was Nov. 27. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • November 10 2018

    In the article "Building a level table for printmaking" we stated that Andrea von Wichert took a week off from the program. The time off was a longer span than a week. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • September 22 2018

    In the article "Whose House? Alex's House!" we published the incorrect image to match the caption "Everyday people." The Uniter regrets this error.

  • September 19 2018

    In the Sept 13, 2018 article "Too Attached", Too Attached's album was published as Anger. The album title is Angry. Synonym Art Consultation was listed as Synonym Art Consultancy. The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • June 12 2018

    In the article "Manitoba Night Market and Festival" we published a picture of the Winnipeg Night Market. We regret this error.

  • March 31 2018

    In the article "Building community in the commons," we cited a report from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. The report should be credited to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • February 8 2018

    In the article "#artists and #archives over #algorithms," we identified the photo on the left as being Briar Boyko's account, @blarkandson. Briar Boyko's account is, not @blarkandson. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • January 29 2018

    In the article "Reaching a political balance," that ratio of male and female MLAs was given as 53-4. The ratio is actually 43-14. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • November 18 2017

    In the article "Women in Film," Tina Keeper was quoted as saying "it wasn’t something I even inspired to" while the correct quote is "it wasn’t something I even aspired to." The Uniter regrets this error.

  • November 14 2017

    In the article "Indigenous history brought to life" from Sept 7, 2017, the archaeological remains belonged to Kayasochi Kikawenow, not to Pīsim. Pīsim's name was incorrectly spelled as Prisim. It was stated that five books had been published, but one has been published and five are forthcoming. <i>The Uniter</i> regrets these errors.

  • October 28 2017

    In the article "PROFile: Mary McCallum", the subject should be Mary Jane McCallum. The Uniter regrets this error. 

  • October 11 2017

    In the article "Whiny femmes is a platform for a much-needed vent," we attributed a quote to Jules Hardy, though it was from Christina Hajjar. We also published a shortened version of another quote from Hajjar, and have replaced it with the complete quote for full context.

    The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • October 11 2017

    In the article, "PROFile: Alan Diduck," we quoted Diduck as saying "in numerable" and "mutual learning beds." Diduck said "innumerable" and "mutual learning event." The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • January 26 2017

    In the article "Social Justice Fair aims to get students to volunteer," we stated that the date of the fair is Feb 10. The fair is being held on Feb. 8. The Uniter regrets this error.

  • January 22 2016

    In the article "Float to Relief" published on January 21, we stated that Jellyfish float spa opened in 2012. Jellyfish actually opened in 2013. We also missed the period in the business name of Float.Calm.

    The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • November 19 2015

    In the article "Urban Jungle," we stated that parkour originated in Paris in 1939. The modern version of parkour discussed in this article originated in the 1980s.

    The Uniter regrets this error.

  • November 12 2015

    In "Better Together", published Nov 12, 2015, Peyton Veitch was quoted as saying "...a decline in middle class...". His quote was actually "...a declining middle class...".

    The Uniter regrets this error.

  • November 10 2015

    In the Nov. 5 article, "Speak Strong", Desireé Dallagiacomo was listed as Baton Rouge, Calif. This is incorrect. Dallagiacomo resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Button Poetry channel was also listed as a slam poetry channel, but the correct genre is performance poetry.

    The Uniter regrets these errors.

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