Harvey Carlisle’s bi-weekly top-ten records you must hear.

Dear friends and followers,

I, Harvey Carlisle, the biggest piece of this pie cut into thirds, the man who knows a lot about everything, and the man, men and woman alike know they could never be so they dream only of being with, promise you that this list and the many lists to follow will bring you closer to me. They will add sweetness, joy, and clarity to your day. Though, be wary, if these lists are not followed fully and whole heartedly, I, Harvey Carlisle, promise you and the ones you love years of hardship. Enjoy!

This list is a mere lick and click of what you will be expected to hear in the future. Its more of an appetizer, like caviar or smoked oysters. So take your time and read the list carefully.

1: The Replacements - Tim
2: Link Wray - Big City After Dark
3: The Melvins - Electroretard
4: The Only Ones - Only Ones
5: Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance
6: The Pogues - Peace and Love
7: Pylon - Gyrate
8 :The Swell Maps - International Rescue
9: Vincent Gallo - When
10: Fad Gadget - Fireside Favorites

Never Yours,

The Great and Beautiful Creator of everything,

Harvey Carlisle

The list that you have been given today will be a mandatory list. You will have no choice but to listen to the entire list. If you are unable to listen to the entire list I, Harvey Carlisle, the beautiful creator of all things, expect a doctors note. No other reason will be accepted. Family tragedy is not an excuse.