The UWSA Special General Meeting: Highlights

First of all, a quick introduction: Hello, I am The Uniter’s new Campus Beat Reporter. I will be focusing on campus news on the blog as well.

For my campus news blog debut, I have compiled some of the highlights of the UWSA Special General Meeting, which took place Wednesday, November 2nd, at 12:00pm. The SGM did meet quorum, and members were able to discuss the 12 motions carried over from March 10th’s Annual General Meeting, as well as 9 new motions submitted for the November 2nd SGM.

-Members of the UWSA Executive will no longer be obligated to sit on the Board of Regents.

-The move to increase Executive Director annual salaries from $24,0497 to $27,000 was approved.

-An attempt to abolish the position of Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Liaison Director was overturned after an impassioned speech in its defense.

-Members voted in favour of abolishing the CFS Local Committee

-In a bid to update appropriate terminology the term “transgendered”, which is no longer used by the Trans community, was replaced with the more appropriate term “transgender” in the UWSA Bylaws.

-In an attempt to become more environmentally sustainable, the By-Laws and Policy Committee will be storing copies of minutes electronically from now on.

Executives also gave a brief overview of the Bi-Annual Executive Report, outlining the extensive list of organized events (eg: O-Week, UWFA/UWSA Solidarity Barbecue), services (Bike Lab, Parking Registry), and support of causes (Gay-Straight Alliance Conference, Occupy Winnipeg) the UWSA has had a hand in.