Culture Factory #2: Who is the most interesting person you know?

Welcome to The Culture Factory! Every two weeks I will bring a local cultural issue to the table, one that deserves to be explored, and ask you, the benevolent reader, to help me give it fair treatment. I’m looking for personal stories, source suggestions and photographs, anything related to the issue that you want to see addressed as I prepare an article for The Uniter. You can even suggest another issue you’d like to see addressed. Please either leave a comment below or send me an email at to have your say.

Here at The Uniter, we’re all about tradition. Or something. Anyway, you may remember that last year around the end of the fall term we released The Uniter 30, a collection of profiles of interesting and inspirational Manitobans under the age of 30.

Also, there were 30 of them. This was the genius of it.

This was a great way to introduce our readers to people who were doing something that deserved recognition and help your favourite locals get some handy ink.

We want to do it all again and we need some new faces. This is where you come in droves to our aid.

Who should be on the list this year? Think of the people you know that are 30 and under and doing something different or exceptional.

What qualifies? Well, chances are that if you think something is cool, we’ll probably agree. Last year we featured artists, politicians and bloggers among others.

Really, anything goes. Keep it in the province and in the age range and tell us why your suggested person deserves to be on our ever-more prestigious list.

That’s it! I expect my email to crash tomorrow morning.