Keep your bus conversations PG, please

Bus etiquette is a serious matter. Everyone knows the unspoken rules of public transit and for the most part people abide by them, but it seems a new rule must be implemented into the invisible bus rules handbook:

Keep your bus ride conversations PG.

Over the last week or so, I have heard conversations about drug use, adultery and at least one angry relationship spat.

These conversations would be fine if the people having them were talking at a normal volume, but it seems that they want the entire bus to know what they’re doing and who they’re doing.

The bus routes I take are frequently used by school-aged and younger children who, in my opinion, don’t need to hear about how drunk or stoned anyone was on the weekend and they especially don’t need to hear conversations in which every second word has four fucking letters.

I find it disrespectful of people to make the assumption that their conversation is so interesting that the entire bus needs to hear about it.

If you want to talk about your husband cheating on you, I bet you could have a way more in depth conversation in privacy rather than by yelling into your cell phone on a crowded bus.

And though a step up from sucking face, listening to a couple having a fight is just awkward.

The really surprising thing is that no one ever turns around and yells at these people to shut the hell up.

So either I’m the only one annoyed by these obnoxious conversations or the majority of bus riders are just following the unspoken bus ride rule of not screaming at other passengers.

A message to people conducting inappropriate bus ride conversations: your life is not a reality show and the bus is definitely not your diary room.