Vampires dwell in historic mansion.

Thirsty for beer instead of blood local rock duo VAMPIRES held a fundraiser in the mansion co-op they live in with a horde of other Winnipeg artists and musicians. Even if they didn’t gather enough cash to fix up the dingy basement they impressed with their live set of energetic math pop. Shirtless and dreadlocked JOSH BUTCHER pounded the skins with precise ferocity as DAVID DOBBS made six strings sound soo meaty that there is no damn need for any more instruments.
Their screaming chant vocals made you think you knew the words and could sing along. Then halfway through the set they switched up instruments, but kept the sound and pace going. Who knew vampires could be so fun? You can see them Saturday, Oct. 24 at Mondragon with THE PEACHES and DD/MM/YYYY.