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  • I’ll be your trusted learning partner

    With the environmental nightmares of the summer months coupled with a year-and-ahalf- long pandemic, it’s as if we are stuck in the apocalypse. The remains of Indigenous peoples are being found at several residential school sites, the situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen, and, of course, we’re still in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shouldn’t we be coming out on the other side by now?

  • Dreaming of a better world

    Reading in Colour

  • Add more Indigenous authors to your reading list today

    Reading in colour

  • Disability representation needs to be nuanced, realistic and respectful

    Reading in Colour

  • Reading in Colour

    Visibility matters

  • Reading in colour

    The messages children are exposed to through books shape their ideas about themselves and others. 

  • Privacy in clinics could be improved

    It is easy to be filled with a sense of apprehension when the need to seek medical attention arises, especially considering what often feels like a lack of privacy in public waiting rooms. 

  • Why we should diversify our reading habits

    Reading literature from various groups and on diverse subjects enables readers to broaden their understanding of themselves.

  • Virtually yours

    The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, like many summer festivals, is moving online to help protect Winnipeggers from COVID-19. But unlike many other fests, Fringe will be free for all.

  • Calling on the support of our leaders at the rally

    lt is imperative that provincial leaders attend Friday’s #Justice4BlackLives rally. While pandemic-related concerns are an obstacle, they should not be an excuse for total absence.

  • Troubling increase in police shootings

    If someone had said that 2020 would be marked by a pandemic, economic slowdown and an increase in police shootings, many people may have laughed them off. Well, we’re only five months into the new year, and here we are. 

  • No, I am Not a Fraud

    I always expected that by now I would be thriving in my career as an author. I can almost picture myself signing books and giving profound talks and presentations.

  • Black Panther’s role in society

    The recently released movie Black Panther attempts to demonstrate what it means to be African.

  • Ice Castles attraction adds awe to winter

    Right from the entrance to Ice Castles, little children oohed and aahed, calling out to their parents and guardians excitedly and pointing them to a variety of gigantic walls of ice. 

  • Charitable contributions need to consider end user

    Donating items that one may not need is encouraged, but it is crucial to ensure that those items have not reached the end of their useful life.

  • Exploring stories through The Human Library

    The Human Library is an international movement for social change.

  • Fads build connection

    Dr. Fabrizio Di Muro, an associate professor at the University of Winnipeg weighs in on the way that fads among social connectedness among product users.

  • Winnipeg celebrates Black History Month

    Across the country, the month of February is packed with events celebrating black history. In Winnipeg, this includes a visual art show with music and weekly movie nights. 

  • The perils of selling handmade

    Some artists say Winnipeggers need to be wooed before they’ll put down money to support their work.

    “It takes a lot longer for art pieces to sell locally than in other places,” artist Grady Kuly says.

  • Understanding poverty in our community

    Fundraiser walk hopes to raise awareness and funds for West Broadway programs

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