Sarah London

Arts and culture reporter  

  • Winnipeg’s Twitch community hop back online

    ‘Fantastic’ and ‘supportive’ streaming community stays strong during COVID

  • Don’t have to social distance while fighting a dragon

    D&D uses ‘theatre of the mind’ to bring fantasy worlds to life

  • The show must go on(line)

    The Village Conservatory class creates ‘unique’ and diverse digital theatre

  • Bringing the polls to the people

    New polling software doubles as market-research tool and social app

  • Celebrate local

    Sara Riel Inc. fundraiser brings folks together with music, comedy and food

  • 6’2” if that matters

    Comedian tackles local dating-app tropes in Twitter series

  • She resells thrifted seashells via an online store

    The socioeconomic and ecological implications of thrift reselling

  • ‘Better late than never’

    Mother-and-son podcast a fun way to learn Ojibwe

  • Night in at the bar

    Local creators bring bar culture into the home, virtually

  • Writing with kindness and confidence

    U of W welcomes exciting new Carol Shields writer in residence

  • From one vibrant city to another

    Origin Stories: Geez magazine

  • Late-night shows are like university students

    For now, late-night reflects the mounting pressure put on comedians to be philosophers, political activists and teachers, able to somehow grapple (comedically) with the floundering American democracy.

  • #artists and #archives over #algorithms

    As communication and technology change, artists are adapting to new venues for exhibiting their art. Instagram is one such venue. It’s a popular picture-sharing platform that artists from different backgrounds see as a place for widely sharing art and building community.

  • More women stand up to the mic

    Women and non-binary folks are often underrepresented in many domains, including comedy.

  • More than a week for mental health

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) and the student groups it houses offer resources to support the mental health and well-being of students in a number of ways.