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  • You are what you eat

    Personal chef gives insight into new cooking norms

  • Canada Highway Network celebrates 10 years

    Facebook page founder credits strict group rules that help inform and protect Manitobans

  • Theatre must live on

    PTE kicks off new season with free viewing

  • Angels, demons and vagina witchcraft

    Vocalist speaks on debut album and lyrical meanings

  • We can get through this together

    Though thousands gathered in Winnipeg this summer and stood for Justice 4 Black Lives and Indigenous Lives Matter rallies, the very act of protesting coupled with the instances of racism and prejudice that continue to plague this city can make this feel all for nought and can have a negative effect on people's mental health. 

  • In Place opens at the WAG

    The Winnipeg Art Gallery’s newest exhibit, In Place, draws from the gallery’s permanent collection and features artworks from 42 Manitobans, spanning from 1970 to today.

  • The spookiest Halloween yet

    Although Halloween may look and be experienced differently this year, there are still indoor and outdoor activities planned around Winnipeg to keep the holiday spirit alive.

  • You reap what you sow

    Percy, filmed in Canada, the United States and India, is set to be released in theatres on Oct. 9. Directed by Clark Johnson, the film is set in Bruno, Sask. in 1997. 

  • And the winner is… Manitoba

    Out of 24 artistic and six industry awards announced on Sept. 25 at the Western Canadian Music Awards, Manitobans came out on top, winning 11 and six awards, respectively, the most of any province.

  • This has been brewing for long enough

    Two years after the Not My Stella’s platform was created on Instagram highlighting worker complaints against Stella’s management, the local restaurant chain is in hot water again.

  • Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it

    Although some restrictions for non-essential businesses were lifted in May in Winnipeg, Blinkers Art and Project Space delayed reopening until recently, and is now looking to bounce back. 

  • Setting tones and stepping stones

    Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery’s newest exhibit features original works from one of the most prominent Anishinaabe artists of his time and the creator of the Woodland School of Art, Norval Morrisseau.

  • Nuit Blanche shines through

    The Culture Days festival, particularly Nuit Blanche, may look different this year, but their essential intentions remain the same.

  • Bringing African cinema to Winnipeg screens

    Despite its name, the African Movie Festival in Manitoba (AMFM) offers much more than film screenings.

  • Music does not stop

    Although this year has seen a major shift that impacts every part of life, one band is making it their mission to push through and maintain their goal.

  • It’s time to move

    With social distancing, proper handwashing and self-isolation remaining as crucial preventive practices to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Winnipeg’s Athletic Therapy Centre (ATC) and its Department of Recreation Services have created programs to aid in physical wellness.

  • Flipping the script

    Writers have a talent for tapping into imagination, and despite their chosen genre, skillfully put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to create an immersive reading experience. Though their talents are displayed on each page, their background and journey into the literary world are often reserved for memoirs.

  • Back to the ... present?

    Currently sporting a 100 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, James vs. His Future Self, which is slated to be released on April 3 on iTunes and VOD, has impressed both audiences and critics. Jonas Chernick, writer and lead actor, says “As we are about to open across Canada, given what is happening in the world right now, I feel that the scenes in this movie are suddenly more important and timelier.

  • Crazy, Winnipeg, love

    Best known for his award-winning films Inertia and My Awkward Sexual Adventure, director Sean Garrity brings a fresh look at romantic-comedy films with his new feature I Propose We Never See Each Other Again After Tonight, highlighting Winnipeg in a very special way.

  • Lights, dance, action

    Plays like the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s As You Like It demonstrate the success of combining literature with music and choreography to create crowd-pleasing pieces, and they set the stage for others to follow suit.

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