Keeley Braunstein-Black

Staff photographer  

  • Elevating voices with lived experience

    Podcast creates a space to discuss disability in theatre and arts

  • Exchanging craft

    Manitoba Craft Council members trade crafts

  • Imagining new worlds

    Origins Stories: David A. Robertson 

  • Demystifying winter camping

    Experienced campers share advice for safe and fun winter excursions

  • Happy trails

    Staff photographer Keeley Braunstein-Black explores local hiking options in this week’s cover feature.

  • Circus play!

    Charles Lauder (Sleepy) is the current president of the Winnipeg Circus Club (WCC). This is the third time Lauder has been elected to the position. One of the reasons Sleepy loves being a clown is “because you can dabble your giant tippy-toe in pretty much anything,” including juggling, balloons, comedy, stage shows and birthday parties.

  • Solidarity at Portage and Main

    On Jan. 10, Portage and Main became the scene of a solidarity protest. 

  • Riding in a winter wonderland

    Winter biking might not be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of an effective mode of transportation or an enjoyable outdoor activity. However, despite the cold, for many people, cycling in winter can be both a necessary form of transportation and a fun recreational pastime.

  • Climate Strike 2019

    Photos from the 2019 Climate Strike.

  • Nuit Blanche 2019

    Photos from Nuit Blanche 2019.

  • Analog art’s not dead?

    With the increase in quality and affordability of digital media, many people working in film and music have pivoted away from physical media, opting to photograph or record digitally and to release through online streaming services. But analog art isn’t dead yet. 

  • The city’s cracks and fissures

    The tourist-friendly vision of Winnipeg is a little more polished than the version many of us encounter daily.

  • We can build it

    “We recognize the impacts of patriarchy on preventing women, trans and gender-nonconforming folks from accessing masculine-coded skills. We think it is important to have spaces that are safe, free of judgment and encourage community building.”

  • A night of wonder

    Nuit Blanche is a night of discovery, wonder and wandering.

  • Conserving memories

    On January 12th, 2018 the Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC) announced the closure of the Conservatory. The conservatory’s last day of operation will be April 2, 2018.  

  • Monumental or mundane?

    Every place has a history. When people travel, they often make a point of visiting historic sites, getting to know the culture and the history of the place they are visiting.

  • Pedalling toward empowerment

    Women, queer and non-binary people can find empowerment and self-sufficiency through learning and practising bicycle mechanics.

  • Seeking the snitch

    Whomping Willows bring quidditch to life

  • Fashion Streeter

    Paul - "Old thrift stores."

  • Climb on!

    Winnipeggers brave the elements to ascend the ice tower

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