Andrew McMonagle

  • Extreme Pita recovers from extreme accident

    The last thing Rupesh Patel, owner of Extreme Pita at 491 Portage Ave., expected to hear one fateful morning was that his restaurant was destroyed.

  • TANYA PHILIPOVICH - Secret Fiction Romance

    Toronto’s Tanya Philipovich looks like a bleached-blonde Maggie Gyllenhaal in the ‘50s and sounds like a somber Lucinda Williams combined with that cute folk-girl you met in the park.

  • Sin City is a safe bet

    Las Vegas is a shimmering, tempting paradise of party, especially to students looking to get away from a snowy winter. This past February, I counted myself as one of the many who succumbed to the lure.

  • Winter biking rises in popularity

    When seen on the road, people tend to use words like crazy. Riding a bicycle in the winter makes no sense to some people, but all the sense in the world to others – even during Winnipeg’s harsh, icy, dark months.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Grant helps innner-city students learn science; DCE sends students on a PacMan hunt; Hockey, yoga, and meditation to beat winter blahs; Green technology research on campus; What’s happening on campus this weekend?

  • Memories compelling and tragic, but ultimately hopeful

    “Where can I tell my pain?”

    That was the first question Ali Saeed asked himself when he came to Winnipeg in 1984. Twenty-six years later, we have Memories of a Generation.

  • Landlord tenant relationships

    What can be better done to prevent landlord abuses of tenants?

  • Armageddon only happens every six months

    2012, the latest disaster movie from German-born director Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day) is exactly what you would expect.

  • …And justice for all?

    Have you ever watched The Mentalist?

  • Trying to make it on the outside

    When someone is arrested, the punishment is supposed to fit the crime. Between the police station and the courtroom are chances to remain free, but those chances have conditions that can make it difficult.

  • For those who hate taxes and love weed

    If the answer is marijuana, the unification of North America and good spelling, then the question is: What does the Peace Maker Society like, not like and not practice?

  • The rising number of feral cats

    The number of cats captured and/or surrendered to the humane society is rising.

  • Park improvements draw record numbers

    Manitoba provincial parks are saying thank-you to Manitobans by waiving their entrance fees for 2009/10.

  • The apartment recycling challenge

    Despite the urban push for sustainability, some downtown Winnipeg apartment blocks still lack recycling bins, leading green-minded residents to search for alternatives in other neighbours’ yards.

  • The many faces of dumpster diving

    Dumpster diving is for anyone. It’s not restricted to the homeless or the destitute. People do it for a wide variety of reasons. It could be a matter of desperation, or one of convenience. It can be a last resort, or a daily ritual.

  • Winnipeg as we know it

    In honour of The Uniter’s Urban Issue, we spoke with some of Winnipeg’s most knowledgeable, including Robert Galston, author of local blog The Rise and Sprawl, about the decisions that have affected Winnipeg as
    we know it.

  • Hydro dam has mixed benefits for community

    Residents of a northern Manitoba community are divided on the idea of Manitoba Hydro building a dam in their area.

  • Culture of fear

    A Winnipeg resident was recently reminded of the sensitivity to public safety when police raided his home in search of weapons – on account of a toy gun.

  • Examining our waste

    Last week, several students and paid employees spent their days sifting through banana peels, crumpled paper and used tea bags for the University of Winnipeg’s annual waste audit.

  • Adults can read comics, too

    Are comic books cool yet? Hyper-popular books like Watchmen sure are, but the genre is still learning.

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